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Victoria Jones Collection patterns are professionally drafted by hand, using classic techniques. The focus is on a well fitting garment which adds grace to the wearer. The garment must also be well balanced and attractive while in motion–to Victoria, it is not enough to look good on just one side or in a single pose.

It is one thing to create a flat pattern design and quite another to create a design which flows in motion, so the garments are sewn and wear-tested several times, checking for comfort and ease. Then the patterns are graded and finished using a professional computer program.

The patterns are printed by McCall Patterns on brown tissue paper. The instructions are written to be as clear as possible, including many drawings and sewing tips. With a basic sewing knowledge of how to use a sewing machine, anyone should be able to sew these patterns. Victoria is also available through the contact form to answer any problems that may arise.

Read more about sizes in Pattern Help.

Patterns are grouped loosely into the following mini-collections:

100 series: Mu’u mu’us and Maxi dresses: Many of these can be easily shortened to knee and tunic lengths, or adapted to beach wear.

200 series: Classic Hawaiian dresses and Authentic Hawaiian shirts, Japanese jackets

300 series: Resort Wear and Maxi dresses

400 series: Porch Swing (see below)

Many of the designs are longtime favorites of the locals. They are classic, graceful styles which can look completely different when made in various fabrics.  #101 looks so soft and feminine made in a white eyelet. The same dress, sewn in red and yellow Hawaiian print with two-color ruffles at the hem, looks positively fiery!!

Many of the  patterns can be shortened to midi or knee length for running about town, or to tunic length for wearing over some cute capris. #105 and #309 work especially well for this. The #200 style appeared on a Paris runway in Fall 2009 as knee length, worn off the shoulder with a self belt. Every year this style shows up in the runway shows in a slightly different form. The Spring 2011 Paris fashion preview showed the Japanese jacket style of #230 in flowing silk chiffon in several lengths.

Victoria’s original Hawaiian and Resort collection has now been joined by two more pattern lines:

Porch Swing: The Porch Swing series develops a soft and easy sitting-on-a-porch- swing theme. Easy-sew, easy-wearing soft dressing perfect for sipping sweet tea and relaxing.

Working Ranch:  The Working Ranch series is primarily shirts, based on Victoria’s experiences working on a sheep ranch. This group was inspired by a ready-to-wear project, recently completed. These are real cowboy and cowgirl shirts designed to look good while doing real work. Some are more Western and some are more Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy).  All are for living from the heart.


When the company began in 1990, color printing was very expensive. Therefore, patterns had envelope covers in black and white.  In recent years, the color process has changed and the original color artwork is now on the pattern envelopes. There are still one or two patterns with black and white envelopes.

Please review the measurement charts on each pattern before you cut out your fabric. Home sewing sizes are different than Ready-to-Wear sizes, which you find in stores. Some mu’u mu’us are slightly shorter than others, so check the length too.