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I love the versatility, grace and romance of mu’u mu’us! You can wear the same dress for a day at the beach or dinner at a fine restaurant. You will be appropriately dressed for either, be comfortable and look beautiful too.  A Mu’u mu’u or Maxi is versatile, easily handling the following situations: At the beach, it is a coverup or a blanket. At dinner, it is all about grace and romance.  I consider mu’u mu’us the ultimate minimalist wardrobe! Many of these dresses also work well in a midi or tunic length.

For a peek into beautiful Hawaiian moments,  be sure to click on the links to Herb Kane’s paintings, which you can find on some of the pattern pages. The paintings show you that particular dress in some dreamy settings!

Note on retired pattern 001: As of December 2013 there were 9 of these patterns found in the Discount Fabric Warehouse, Hilo, HI- (808) 935-1234 !

There is a very helpful gathering tutorial at the following review-
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